An idea

The idea of compiling an ebook of the creative writing has been suggested and is going ahead, and I wish them best of luck ,there are some fantastic stories and some very talented writers and the deserve to be preserved for posterity.

Well done Charles for the idea and Archie  great effort on your part.

But compared to the creative writers there are far more bloggers here, people who write on all kind of subjects,and some do considerable amount of research on the subjects they write. There are some very fresh ideas, strong opinions and very interesting topics which have been,and are discussed here every day.

Let us face it, this site has nothing else to offer but the effort os us bloggers. The Telegraph has, having created the site left it to its own devices ,without adding anything to it. Granted it provides us a platform to air our views,mostly un-censored,which is unique,and we are told that there are thousands of subscribers and millions of hit from all across the world

This has provided the Telegraph a platform to use advertising,as this reaches so many people.

But just think what else if not our blogs which makes people log on and visit the site? Us bloggers!

In the beginning the DT used to publish the extracts of blogs in the main paper, then they used to highlight it on the main page, but for a while they have completely ignored us all,simply leaving us to our devices.

I think they should compile an ebook of the best blogs, past and present. There are some brilliant blogs by the Bulletin, Bean Bean, and many many more. There are very well researched and debated blogs by Bubbles, Elle, Larry, Duckham, and many more. People like the Haymaker, Charles and Anna write blogs which are of very high calibre and inform and entertain us. And for free!

So how about it? Archie thinks the Telegraph has the technology to do it, so can we petition or lobby? Would you like to have your writings preserved for posterity? Some of us have been here for a very long time and have contributed a great deal to this site do we not deserve a little acknowledgement? It will not cost the Telegraph a lot, but it will be a unique and interesting project undertaken by a newspaper.

What do you think?

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