Should Men be ….men?

Recently a lot has been written and said about Shane Warne, the beefy(once) and talented Aussie Cricketer who is now living with our own English rose Liz Hurley, the doyen of fads, biotic food and all things nice!

The Telegraph had a blog about this yesterday, The Sunday Time ran a feature a couple of weeks ago entitled ” Struth…what have they done to you Warnie”?.

I will explain, he has been put on  a diet (he said I hear that last time he was this light he was eight years old), his hair is different, he is using something called “guy liner” and moisturiser, and he has siad to have had Botox!

Now everyone has a right to look the way they want to,that is their prerogative. But has a girl friend of few months, has the right to change your appearance so completely?

How many men will go along with it?

I somehow feel that men should look like,well men! A bit fraying on the edges, natural and rugged, well that is my choice anyway. Someone said you should not marry a beautiful woman, she will spend so much time looking at herself that she will never look at you, well the same should be true of men I think.

I wondered how many men here will be willing to be changed beyond recognition to please their women? And has any man/woman has the right to change/mould the other into something they want them to be?

After all do we not fall in love with a person for who/what they are ?Then why would we want to change them?

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