We need to acknowledge….

I do not want to say any more about the riots, than has been said on these pages in the last few days, by people who are far more articulate and knowledgeable than I am!

However a lot is said about the immigrants and the immigration policy I can only add what my impressions are on this subject, being an immigrant myself!

Whether immigration is good or bad is subjective to the way you feel. Those who live in immigrants saturated areas and feel that their identity and culture is being eroded, feel strongly than those who live in the areas where immigrants have assimilated successfully.

Fitting in and assimilating is the key word.

This has to be done within the rules of the host country,with the acceptance of the community you are living in goes without saying, but this has not been the case.

I am not sure if it is the guilt of the Colonial era,or timidity which has left the powers that be to not lay down the rules to say what can be asked  of the people moving here. Instead the new comers were encouraged and helped to settle here on their terms, the emphasis has been on the rights of the immigrants,and no emphasis on what their obligations were or are to settling in another country. May be this is all right for the professional and the middle classes,but the poorer areas have been left with no idea or desire to accommodate to the British culture or the indigenous people . I know of immigrants and especially women who have been here all their life,but can not speak a word of English. What do the authorities do? They provide translators, information in hundreds of languages,and even the BBC creates a radio station which broadcasts in nearly 20 languages and Asian dialects!

Reward and encouragement for being segregated and different!

People and communities separated by language matter,as they remain separate and isolated. It is said that the un-employment rate of  some Pakistani men in areas like Bradford is due to poor language skills. A lot of parents import non-English speaking Pakistani cousins as spouses,there seems to be no integration of any kind taking place.

I know this is not directly related to these riots,there seems to be young and old of all colours and hues. I heard two girls telling the BBC that ” what a fun night they have had,and we got some great stuff,and showed the police what we can do”.

While the politicians scramble around to find a reason for this un rest, they should take every aspect of their failure into account.

And immigration(un-controlled and un-guided) has to be there too.

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