And now for something…

We have had grim financial news, riots and some very serious blogs and discussions here lately, I wondered if  I should look at something a bit light hearted but equally important?
Well am talking about men, it must be really confusing for them as to how they should behave if the articles in the news papers are anything to go by.
Firstly we read that some builders have been suspended for wolf whistling. I think that is a shame. Wolf whistles have always lifted my spirits. Not that I had that many, but I remember when I used to walk the children to the school, the builders working across the road always cheered me up by their whistling and banter! And sometimes when I worked at the hospital, my name badge identified me as a specialist nurse for heart disease, and the builders who came to work sometime outside the hospital will mutter things like , I could always have a look at their heart and so forth,or shout that their heart needed sorting !
It was all harmless banter, a bit of fun,there was no offence meant and none taken!
Now I hear that a husband has complained that while walking with his wife,the wolf whistles of builders “distressed” her,and the company employing the builders  suspended them. I wondered if the wife would have been as ” distressed” had she been on her own.
And then I read an interview ,given by the famous author  Fay Weldon. She said that the success of a happy and lasting marriage was to make the husband feel that he was the boss. “Never force/expect him to clean the bathroom, or pick up a hoover” , she says. “You can always get your compensation in other things”,she added.
I wonder what the compensations may be?
I have never nagged or asked my husband to do any chores/child care. He did it,if  and did when he felt like, and nothing quite a lot of the  time . I felt that if I did these things , then I can do them the way I want to.
Was I wrong? Is this attitude now politically in- correct ? Would you,have you done anything like this?
I wonder what you think?

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