It was not love?

Last night I watched an amazing documentary on C4,which shattered a lot my romantic ideals.

It was about Wallis Simpson and her marriage to the Heir to the throne EdwardVIII.

I have read about their romance when I was a teenager,with the expected moist eyes and marvelled at such love which could make a would be king give up his realm for the love of a woman.

And believed that they both were so much in love,and lived happily ever after!

It seems not, the biographer of Wallis Simpson has been given a collection of letters ,written by Mrs Simpson to her husband Ernest,which reveal that she felt trapped,and miserable. That she never loved Edward, but pined for her husband.She wrote when she was waiting for the divorce to come through that “none of this mess and waking emptiness is of my makng”.

Both her and her husband had a derisory name for Edward, “Peter pan”! They have begun the royal liaison just as social climbers. They loved the status it gave them into London’s high society.She enjoyed the fantastic holiday in the royal villa in the south of France.But then she wanted out!

But Edward it seems had it bad! He was adamant that they should marry, and all this while Wallis and Ernest were colluding , writing to each other and that it was a divorce of convenience. She was writing to Ernest ,two years into her marriage to Edward,adding in bold after her signature, “Am so lonely”.

Well it did shatter my misty eyed view of love and romance. But when you think about it,she did stay with him till his death,so whether it was love or not,she did her duty. So that should be a kind of love? Would you agree?

Or do you think the true love was that of Edward who gave up everything for her?

After all love can be many things can it not?

Poor Edward he gave up everything for her or did he?

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