Getting away from it all.

I have been away in London and in Cambridge, having a great time with friends and family.

I took a decision to not to go near any media, I did not watch or listen to the news,or read the newspapers. My iphone was switched off,(as it updates the news and weather). And just concentrated on going for long walks, chatting with friends and going to the cinema and the the theatre.

When I got home last night I quickly caught up on the current affairs. The documentary on the Arab spring, the ground zero Mosque(which never was) and the complicity or otherwise of our government in sending offenders to the very regime , which we said was corrupt and cruel and helped the rebels to oust .

Oh well not exactly cheery stuff, but this got me thinking, that perhaps we all are over dosing on the media?

I know I certainly am. Before I only watched the evening bulletin and concentrated on the letters,fashion and the crossword in the Telegraph. The advent of rolling twenty four hour news has transformed our lives , am not sure for the better. The news media has to fill those hours and keep the programme rolling as they say, and they dissect, analyse and find theories where none exist. As a result we the viewing, listening public are over burdened with world affairs. Affairs we can do nothing about, we get angry, sad and agitated.

But then again none of us would like to remain in dark, we need to and want to know everything that is happening in the world!

So may be we should take a break from time to time, for the sake of our own sanity,as I did and felt so much better for it.

Am sure you will tell me if this is a bad idea, or should we keep simmering, and going through all kinds of emotions,simply to keep informed?

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