Moving On?

I have been listening to the Reith lecture on the BBC.

The speaker is Baroness Manigham Buller,the former Director General of the MI5. And she has been talking about the atrocity we know as 9/11, as we approach this tenth anniversary.

She opened her lecture by saying that terrorism was not a conflict which can be won by arms or wars, but by politics and economics. And that 9/11 was a crime and not any kind of “war’ or Jihad. Calling our actions “war on terror” has made the criminals warriors, she said they were criminals and not Warriors”.  Terror is used to put pressure on governments by creating fear in the populace. According to the Baroness the so called “war on terror” has incurred  massive expenditure and provided a distraction and made those criminals “warriors”.

She reiterated her previous statement that the “war on terror will not be won”, by invading countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. She went on to quote the example of the IRA and  said that she never thought she will see two arch enemies as ministers in northern Ireland.

Last night on Question Time David Milliband(remember him?) was also in very contrived and reflective mood. Tariq Ali and Bonnie Greer got the longest and loudest applause for saying something similar.

I remember hearing about the partition of India and Pakistan and how nearly one Million were killed,in sectarian violence. Sixty years on India is a secular country but those old animosities have not completely died down, we still get pockets of trouble between Hindus and Muslims.But thankfully they are just that, sporadic events,in real life, people just get on with life.

I can only bring it to my own life, my family now consists of Jews and Catholics, and am very proud of my brood.Their beliefs, or their race has never bothered me,I expect similarly most of us ordinary folk want to get on with living,but there are pockets of resistance to this. As I hear that Muslims against Jihad( I hear that is the new brand of that idiot Anjum Chaudry) want to protest in London on 9/11. I am very proud that our country has this civilised approach to freedom of speech,but feel that it should not be a license to fuel hatred.

So though we will never forget those innocents people who died, will we be able to become one voice and condemn and ignore such idiotic protestors and become one voice against religious / racial hatred?

I hope so for the sake of our children and grand children.

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