Discipline and punishment

I hear that a 47% of parents have said in a survey that corporal punishment should be brought back.

This of course could be a reaction to the riots, like after a child is murdered people say that death penalty should be brought back. We have to consider the fact though that the assault rate on teachers and some parents has gone up considerably. Listening to a debate on the radio this morning ,I came across powerful arguments for and against, and it made me wonder,as we all are mostly experienced parents here what do we feel?

In the East of course it is the norm,but then again teachers are revered at least in the sub-continent. One reason could be that education is neither free nor universal. Only those who can afford it send their children to school,the rest put their children to work either at home or in the industry. Child labour is rife,it is a matter of survival for most. Despite India’s new prosperity,the wealth is only available to about 20% of the population, the rest of them live below the poverty line. And as birth control is not acceptable or practiced due to ignorance or religious constraint,families with many children is the norm.

It is true that if a child is brought up with violence they often grow up to be violent themselves, but this is not always the case. My father had a fierce temper and he was a very strict disciplinarian,and he did punish me rather harshly(I was the only child until the age of 12,when my sister was born), but I have never hit my children,though I did threaten them.And as my son often said that with a bark like mine one did not need the bite!

It will be wrong to assume that by bringing corporal punishment we will cure the present ills of our society, the reasons for troubles are many and varied,from children becoming parents, and family breakdowns, or are they?  I wonder how you feel, did you find it easy to discipline your child and it is the sign of the times that now parents struggle?

How did you you do it? Is it example, bribery , love or sheer terror?

I would love to know.

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