Gap Year

It is said that now a days the biggest group travelling abroad and taking a “gap year ” are the over 55.

Assuming the majority of us are over 55 here,well am sure am generalising,there must be some under twenty fives,or even under sixteens here (it sure feels like it at times),so my apologies to those of you who are under age.

Anyway more and more “mature”men and women are going abroad for longer periods, doing voluntary work,I even saw an advertisement for a “granny au-pair”. There is an agency now specialising in placing grand mothers with families! For a cost of £250 you you can be placed with a family who will send your ticket and provide you home. All you have to do is play with the children and explore the country you are in. Nice work if you can get it!

So considering the trend where would you like to go,say for a few months? Winter in a tropical paradise,or exploring the jungles of Borneo or exploring the delights of America and the golden west?

I would love to go to a tropical but small country. Where there are gardens a plenty and the natives are not too intrusive. It will have to be near the beach, I would love to watch the sun rise every morning. I love when the sea becomes drenched in the crimson light when the sun rises and sets. I would like to take my Kindle  and my music with me, and be mostly on my own. That surprises me , as I am a peoples person,I need human contact and interaction,but as am getting older I am beginning to enjoy my own company more and more.

So would you like to take a “gap year”? And if so where would you like to go,what will you take with you and who would you like for company?

And while we are at it is there anyone here you would want to go with you? Or from your family?

I would like my cat to be with me!

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