It seems there is  going to be a t.v. advert for a certain brand of dog food which will be aimed towards, well dogs!

The advert consists of some high pitched sounds which only the dogs can hear, and when they  jump up and bark, that means they like that food, and it is the cue for us togo and  buy it!

Hang on a minute I thought, how do we know that the bark means the dog likes the food? It could be that he hates it and wants the din to stop.

This advert is being shown in Austria at the moment, and is soon to come on a t.v./radio near us!

Adverts have become a part of our t.v.lives, the commercial break at times though irritating are built into our viewing.

Though there are some fantastic commercials,which I would recommend for an award,and there are those which are so abysmal that you vow never to buy the product they are advertising. And then there are those which simply are irritating and annoying.

On top of the list for me is the one by Nat West Bank. With the chorus of “I’ll be there”, we are told that they are open all hours and will do anything for us,sort of. Right. Instead of feeling grateful and getting a warm feeling of belonging it irritates me to no end. It sounds so phoney and artificial. I always leave the room or change the channel.

So which are the commercials which irritate or amuse you? Mindful of the international bloggers here I thought it will be great if we are told what are the commercials are like in other countries? I know when I have visited some countries like Egypt, India and Turkey some of the commercials were so good at conveying their message that I got the gist of it, though I did not understand them, but some were abysmal.

So how about telling us about your favourite/ loathed commercial then?

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