“This Spectred Isle”!

That was the title of a very interesting article in the Weekend Telegraph by Peter Ackroyd.

No I too have never seen ghosts, it is said that we were believed by the “ancients” to live at the edge of the world,in a land engulfed by the mist and twilight. The Roman legionaries said the england was a land of spirits. England is bordered by ancient Celtic nations, and border people are known for their second sight.

So what are ghosts and spirits? We all smirk and say it is all mumbo jumbo,but we are fascinated by the notion. Look at the popularity of the super natural thrillers, books, films and the sooth sayers who conjure them up for you. Certain psychics are so sought after( even by our Royal family) that they make a very good living out of it, and are booked in advance for months , for their spiritual sessions.

The West country has its own legends. The “grey lady” who is said to have been seen by hundreds of motorists on the Wellington road, and  the Glastonbury ruins said to be filled with the inexplicable smell of incense.There are legends in every country and every culture. So they call can not be just stories can they?

So are there spirits, good and bad ones, and have you ever had any encounter with anything/anyone who can support this theory?

When I was a nurse in Intensive care unit, I worked with a nurse who used to rush and open the nearest window,when a patient was near death. She believed that the spirit can not “go out” unless the window was open! Suffice to say none of the other nurses saw anything departing ever, but we just let her get on with this activity. Am not sure if the elf and safety would allow this now, in case the spirit fell out from the top window, in its haste to depart!

We also collected data for a doctor who was writing a book on near death experiences, and wanted us to collect the recollections of the people who have had a cardiac arrest, or have been ventilated and come close to death. Nothing exciting was ever recorded,but many said they could see themselves lying on the bed. And today a study says, not for the first time that this is all due to the lack of oxygen due to a failing system/brain.

So since there are people from across the world on this site, have you ever seen anything , or do you believe that there are things out there we can not explain?

Be afraid!

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