Cheering Up

God knows we need something to do just that!

You switch on the radio or the t.v. and it is full of Greece(or grease),the Euro crisis;whatever that might be and the weather outside has just turned..well autumnal.

I suppose cheering up or feeling happy is very subjective, one reads about the women who are seeking divorce settlements of over £100m,though she has a “£33million town house,a £250,000 Rolls Royce and more diamonds than Elizabeth Taylor”. And yet Lisa Tchenguiz, says that she has never been happy,and none of the “trophy wives” are! She reckon they should be pities rather than envied!

So obviously, what the ordinary folk regard ideal,like not having any financial worries, threats to your job,as cause of being un-happy is not strictly true then?  She complains that “most of us (wives of multi-millionaires) have no concept of money”! She says she was just expected to be home makers, looking after children,organise social life and do charity work”. Ah poor thing.

When her lawyer asked her to estimate how much she spent each year,she had no idea and set about compiling a of outgoings that included ,trips to manicurists,hair appointments, shoes,staff expenses,lunches with girl friends and the bill for the florist who furnished her flat with orchids! She told the Times, that she was clueless,but it has never been part of her life to know what she spent.

Now call me what you like but I would have thought that having the freedom such as this to spend money and get what you want is something no one will complain about . I am no socialist,but in this climate when every day we hear of job losses, debt and countries going bankrupt does such a situation fills us with sympathy? Do they not feel at all embarrassed or think of anyone/thing else apart from self?

Obviously not.

So it seems we need different things to cheer ourselves up, obviously having total financial freedom and luxuries is not enough for some,but for us ordinary folk it is simple things like listed here;

1. Finding a £10 not in an old trouser/coat pocket.

2.Going on holiday.

3.Getting into bed with freshly laundered sheets.

4.Sitting in the sun.

4.Being surprised by flowers/chocolates/a card or a letter from an old friend.(In the post,not an email).

5.Driving a car with windows/roof down.(Yes).

6.Listening to your favourite song.

Well let us remind ourselves of the things which make us happy and indulge in them, and forget the financial forecast, the EU and the gloom for at least a few hours/days.It all will be here ,but we will be better equipped to deal with it.

Or you could tell us the things you do to cheer yourself up.

Spread a little happiness.

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