Values of a Nation

The job of the media is to report events, and report it in such a way that we it will grab our attention and compel us to read what they have written.

This is true of all of us, even if we(at least I do) write a blog on this site we try and have a catchy title or add pictures to make it attention grabbing. So one can not blame the press and the television to present things in an exaggerated way.

That is fine, they have a living to make.

This has a flip side though, one loses faith in ones fellow human being, we slowly but surely begin to panic and lose trust in others. Every man/woman is a stalker, people are selfish and the UK is going or has rather gone to the dogs is the slowly growing belief.and I feel this comes about by the  news we read and the commentary we hear.

Even on this site(MTand the DTblogs). we hear a constant stream of the declining standards in this country, the lack of chivalry , absence of decent human values and the un caring and the callous society we live in.

However we fail to acknowledge that there is a whole lot of good amongst us, that people care, they are honest and decent and that they try their best in difficult circumstances to help others.

The town I have lived in most of my life, Taunton was a lot in the news this week all for very sad reason. The multiple crash on M5,which took seven lives.

There were stories of bravery and selfless acts of heroism, but a not has been made of it, we have been berating about the speed, which has to be done ,but please let us acknowledge the good too.

The young man who crossed the carriageway to rescue a baby, and carried her to safety while debris was flying, burning bumpers and fire balls. The other motorists who tried to pull others out from burning cars and others who remained calm and supported those who were in distress.

And the remarkable efforts of the emergency services, our paramedics, medic, firemen and the police,if not for them the death toll would have been much larger.

When there are mistakes made the press descends on these services, and rightly so they need to be called to account,but I have not seen many journalists praising the efforts of these services when a disaster is averted.

I know that it is not British to crow about our achievements,but we have taken it to a different level, we constantly complain, of our lack of all goodness and this has become a self fulfilling prophecy, we are losing trust and good will in ourselves , the general belief is that the outside world is full of no good criminals. which is not the case at all.

So please let us not make ourselves believe that we are a nation of incompetent, cheating,thieving stalking losers! we just hear more about those , as we have a 24 hour media scrutiny. We still have wonderful values, honesty and integrity, so let us pride ourselves on those.

As the events of this week have shown, as we see small acts of kindness every day around us, and as people try their hardest to uphold the standards they always have.

Let us rejoice too.

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