Winter Retreat

My loyal and colourful friend! My Macbook.
We are well into November now.

So the winter is here, so though I enjoy cosy fires and indoor pursuits(reading, sewing and knitting), I need my plants and the outdoors too. I am never happier than being either in my garden, but as the garden now is wet and muddy,I have to have my indoor garden fix. About five years ago I have had a larger conservatory built, but even this is becoming a bit over crowded,as my plants are growing apace. I put them out in the summer,and bring them in in autumn. A ritual which heralds the change of seasons for me. I keep telling myself that am getting too old to haul these huge pots in and out every year,but do it anyway. AS the plants love the rain and the sun and the wind , as they should.

My tuber rose has just finished flowering,I come down every morning to a welcome of strong perfume from the Gardenia and the Tuber rose. And now the Lily is getting ready to flower. The Hibiscus is already blooming, and the Cannas and the Geraniums are getting ready. The highlight of course will be my Sterlitzia Reginae,or the Bird of Paradise,which blooms from November to March, brightening my winter months.

So this is my winter retreat, when Haymaker is getting ready to fly to a proper tropical (you can go off people you know),I have my little paradise or refuge from winter.

The Abutlon and the orchids flowering their heart out.

The Hibiscus and the Cannas,glistening in the sun.

My Lemon and Olive trees, there are quite a few little olives, and the lemon tree provided me with four large lemons last year.

So what is your winter retreat and what do you do to while away the cold and dark days?

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