I have been given a huge volume of short stories by F.Scott Fitzgerald. It calls itself a “new collection”. And delightful it is too. I started to read it on the train on my way back from Cambridge over the weekend, and just could not put it down. For my A level I read the “Great Gatsby” and was very impressed .

He writes so beautifully , but what strikes you is how politically incorrect he is from today’s standards. He uses the N” word  freely in the context of his story telling. There are other words too which are taboo by today’s standards. Though today’s literature is riddled with other rude words and descriptions.

So has the censorship only been for a  certain type of words? I find the F and the C words quite offensive,the liberal use of those either in books or on television offends me, but obviously there is no censorship for those.

So is this the reason that political correctness annoys a lot of people because it is selective,and only protects certain group of people?

Should all of us who do not like bad language, not be protected?

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