Let us talk about love.

Whatever that may be. No one knows what it is ,how it happens and what happens when it does. But we all have allegedly experienced it, poets write about,we buy books about and cry watching movies which are said to be about love. At least I did,do!

If you grew up in the Sub-Continent like I did, you become very confused. Where as you are bombarded with movies,with no other plot but romance,and songs which are blasted at you from all angles and ooze with the pinning, the ecstasy and the intoxication of it, in real life you see very little of this emotion.

I grew up without ever seeing my parents or any other couple talking about or demonstrating affection. It is taboo to do so in the Asian society. Once married the couple become almost indifferent to each other, concentrating on maintaining a good lifestyle and raising children. Not so much as holding hands in public. People like me grow up rather confused with these dual values. In my teen years I had crushes on various Hollywood actors, my teachers,and then a few doctors when I was a student nurse. I had no idea what love was, I only had the images of the romantic fiction and films in my mind and wanted to behave like the characters I have seen in them. Of course I was not allowed to go out anywhere with a man, so all we did was write each other love letters, well in my case it used to be little snippets from the fiction I have read, peppered with poetry,gleaned from magazines.

Now that I am older and may be a bit wiser,I look back at my life and I can still not decipher what exactly is love? Is it purely driven by sexual desire or is it a noble sentiment?  No one has explained it to me, and I have not been able to decipher it either.

I am wondering if you wise and good folk can enlighten me, what is this thing we call love? You see various versions of it, there is the love which sees young and beautiful women marry much older men for, and vice versa, you see the love which is never consummated and is only conducted through letters( was it CS Lewis?), and then there is the love which just happens under the most unsuitable circumstances,which is destructive (Clinton and Monica?) but the afflicted can not help themselves.

I wish I knew!

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