Friends and Enemies.

What endears us to each other and what makes us hate a total stranger, I have always wondered about this. How come we take an intant liking to some and just feel uncomfortable with others without any reason?

I am amazed and shocked at times to see the level of animosity and hatred among some bloggers here, they never stop having a slanging match. No one , at least I do not know what lies at the root of it, people who have never set eyes on each other can become arch enemies,simply for holding the opposite point of view on a given topic.

It could be said that it is a human instinct, and through our writings we bare our soul. However we may modulate what we write, our true nature comes through it, so is this revealing of inner most feelings that makes some dislike each other profoundly? Or is it that we have fixed and stereo typical ideas about others religion,colour nationality or social status and that is a determining factor in our relationship with each other?

Is it possible to fall in love with someone,simply because we like the way someone writes. A lot of us feel a certain attraction towards some writers, authors get a stream of fan mail,is it because we love the way they write or is it because we have fallen in love with the person who is glimpsed through his /her words.

So what makes you like/dislike a person on a blogsite? Is this purely a form of entertainment to goad each other or is there something more serious behind this?

I wonder.

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