Mind Games

I woke up this morning feeling quite low. Though the sun is shining, and I am a very optimistic and out going person. Life is just the same as it has been and not much has changed ,so why ?

The recent suicide of the football manager who obviously had everything going for him, health ,wealth and fame. We all are puzzled as to why he suddenly became suicidal and took his own life. We had a friend, a successful and brilliant professional,happily married and with everything going for him, was found hanging in his own house. His wife and daughter were away for the day and it was new years day. That was some fifteen years ago but we are non the wiser as to why he did what he did.

The British are known for their stiff upper lip, people of a certain generation simply scoff , and say we should get a grip. I know my father was scathing of such things. People wear their emotions on their sleeve these days , he will say,and always scorned on the whole business of emotional well being and the branch of medicine known as psychiatry. Most of us are able to actually do take a grip, go and do something else and get your head clear. I tend to go for a walk or go to my gym and spend an hour or so there and it clears my head. But obviously there are some people who can not, and suffer as a consequence.

In some cases their despair manifests itself in other aspects, some become angry,and some harm others. The recent very tragic cases of parents killing their children and then taking their own lives demonstrate that those were the people who could not “get over it”, and the consequences are so tragic.

I wonder what your life experiences are? Do you ever feel the way I did this  morning? That I am now surplus to requirement, the purpose of my existence cropped up in my mind! Is this the time of the year? Do any of you feel this way even for a short time? We glibly call people mad, loony and such names,do we not feel that mind is the part of us which is not under our control,and it can do things we do not want it to. And how come this happens in this modern age, how come our ancestors kept their sanity and got with life.

Why have we become different ?

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