What is Age?

I have just seen the picture of this beautiful lady, she has just paid £5000 for breast augmentation. Nothing wrong or un usual about that you would say, of course not.only that this lady is 84 years old!

I thought 84 year olds did not go for this kind of thing?

Who am to say, only that I have age concept of growing old, I have memories of my grand mother at that age, a grand old lady, graceful and only concerned with her brood, she seemed to ooze a kind of contentment and peace, as if to say that she has done her bit towards her family and the world and now she was content to just be a spectator and enjoy watching her brood.

Today however there is a different kind of expectation with growing old. I have just been looking at the pictures of very glamorous and beautiful women, Shirley Bassey, Jane Fonda, Faye Dunway, Raquel Welch, Joan Collins, Barbara Bradford Taylor, Sophia Lorraine, Linda Grey, and the list goes on.  They look amazing and stunning.

Nothing wrong with that,(apart from me being jealous), but has the concept of ageing has changed for ever? Has the image of the grandma, gone for ever? So how do we prepare ourselves for old age?

So what do you think , are there only two types of ageing now? Just childhood and then “young” and you remain at that stage for ever!

I wonder if all of you are in favour of these two ages of man, and is this desirable ?

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