Love Virtually

Did you know that thousands of men without a proper girl friend , (and plenty with) are now attached to walking, talking and ,sulking computer-generated versions of one. Said an article in the Sunday Telegraph.

A virtual girl friend sounds strange! But this the growing trend in Japan,and catching up rapidly around the world. This highly sophisticated software programme introduces you to your chosen girlfriend who converses,flirts and gets cross with him.some have even got married to their virtual girl in a virtual ceromony!

It sounds funny, but is it ? What does it say about our ability to conduct and maintain a relationship? I was wondering if these twenty something young men who are spending so much of their time and effort with a hologram,will ever be able to court and cope with a real woman?

And how come it is only aimed towards men, there is not, as far as I know a version for us females. Why is that? I could get used to a handsome, clever, bold and fair minded man . I can switch him on and off,talk to him and tell him my secrets and my dreams and get advice, sounds wonderful.

So how many of you would choose a virtual relationship and a what kind of a man or woman you would like?  I wonder.

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