The new series of “Sherlock” stepped into controversy from its first showing on the new years day. A lot of parents have complained that certain scenes were a bit too risque for it to be shown at 8PM.
I wonder if the old rule of not showing anything which is not suitable for family viewing before 9PM still applies and should it?
Now a days children have access to iplayer and other channels which do free streaming on electronic gadgets; so how can the viewing be censored? Besides sex and nudity seem to be everywhere. In other words women clad in next to nothing seem to adorn most, if not all advertisements. From cars to holidays no advert is complete without a woman either in a suggestive pose or in a bikini grinning from ear to ear to sell whatever it is that she is advertising.
I sometimes wonder as to why have women become decorative material. Some men can look absolutely gorgeous too and some ad campaigns have been very successful with the likes of Daniel Craig and George Clooney (yemm).
I sometimes wonder if this has created the compulsion for women to look perfect in everyway. The recent scandal of the breast implants has shown as to much this industry has grown. And we seem to start very early, there are very suggestive clothing and high heeled shows available for girls as young as three year old.
So has this all been the result of the t.v.companies not sticking to the watershed and showing unsuitable material to young ones, or is it the lack of parental discipline, or lack of time for young parents ? They perhaps do not have the time or the energy to keep tabs or sit down and explain to their children so they just give in to their unsuitable demands.
What do you think?

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