Opposite Attracts?

In this day and age when a lot of dating is done on the internet ,has the art of wooing a member of the opposite sex totally defunct?

I ask because there are websites and forums and chat lines everywhere. I have seen a t.v.commercial which is advertising a “Christian dating agency”. Of course there are various other dating agencies too, like the Asian, Polish and others. Somehow it smacks of arranged encounters to me. Like an arranged marriage! Nothing wrong I suppose if people are encourage  to meet someone who is suitable for their status,educational standards and of course religion.

I suppose I am of a generation when there were no agencies to do this, there were was no social media and attraction just happened. Sometimes it took a bit of an effort to attract the attention of your intended,and in some cases both the parties knew on the first glance they were smitten!

So go on and tell me (well for a bit of fun,it is Saturday after all), How did you meet/fell in love or wooed the man/woman of your dreams? Or were you wooed and someone worked hard to win your affection? This is the Leap year after all,so you never know.

And will you, given the chance will resort to the internet/agency route or will you do it the old fashioned way? With chocolates and flowers, and cooking a meal etc etc.!

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