The dating game!

A course has been set up in London which is teaching  men how to charm women. The so called “dating boot camp” is a weekend long event aimed at showing them how to text, chat and get the girl of their dreams. Do men need such boot camps,I wonder?

So who is the ideal man/woman?

Cultural backgrounds and upbringing dictates the sort of person we grow up to be, this course has maximum numbers of Asian men am told.

I can understand that! Asian families hanker after a boy,and once they have him,he can do no wrong in the family. He has priority on his sisters, he is given preference in everything. Mother and sisters wait on him and he is waited on and never has to lift a finger. Women may be respected but are not treated as sweethearts!

With beginnings like that the Asian male goes through his life expecting the same treatment from the other females, especially  their wives! They sure need the boot camp to bring them up to speed!

When you think abut it, the poor male today is in a no win situation. If he courteous, opens doors or tries to help he is shunned. We as women want to feel that we are strong,and can look after ourselves. So what qualities would the poor man should strive for?

And do we as women need a boot camp to tell us how to be desirable and attractive to the opposite sex?

And how about what should we as women be good at? Who can tell.

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