Your Choice

The programme Desert Island Disc’ is seventy years old this month. Those of you who have not heard it, it is on radio 4, it invites people, mostly well known personalities from all walks of life to select eight records of their choice if they were to cast away on a desert island. It also asks them to choose a book,though the full works of Shakespeare and a Bible is provided. So you can choose eight records, a book and an item of luxury.

It is amazing that in this age of fast access to everything, from music to books that people still want to listen to something like this, which was started in the war time, when there was not much to broadcast which would cheer people up and give them an hour or so to indulge in a fantasy. The radio critic Gillian Reynolds asks the same question.

I suspect that despite the fast pace of life, there is a part of us which still wants to indulge in fantasy. Castaway the practical and the logical persona we carry all the time and just imagine ourselves somewhere where life is un complicated and we can just revert to being a drifter.

My fantasy has always been a beach ,with white sand,I have a thing about sand which is white and the sea a sapphire blue. i would love to just be there,on my own, or with someone(have not decided or thought about who that one is!) , just the beach and a jungle to walk into,with Palm trees and a lot of wild flowers. Some good quality wine and a lot of fruit.Bliss!

The book I will take is “Love in the time of Cholera” by the Garcia Marquez. The most tender,deep and moving love story I have ever read.

The music will have to be ;

The Ode to Joy(Beethoven’s 9th symphony).

Little night music. by Mozart.

Moon River

Its a wonderful world, by Louis Armstrong

Sitar recital by Ravi Shanker

I will always love you, by Celine Dion

Anything by the Beatles

I love you because, by Jim Reeves

And my luxury will be a really decent bottle of red wine, I will make it last by just having a swig a day!

Ah bliss!

So what will be yours?

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