Aid to the oppressors?

Listening to the Today programme this morning I could not believe my ears.

A report from Pakistan was about the violence and atrocities carried out in that country against women. A sixteen year old girl was interviewed who has had her nose cut off and her jaw broken by her husband, as she took a bit longer to fetch water from the well, another was partially burnt, another had her limbs broken, and so it went on. A long and sorry tale of horrendous violence and killing against women, and a lot of it carried out in the name of religion and honour.

Honour? I have never known a word more misused than this.

You might say it is their country and their tradition and what has it got to do with us?

Well we give £200 million per year in aid to that country and this figure is due to be doubled by by 2015.

Do we ever ask what our money is used for? Do we as a civilised nation ever question as to why women are treated like this?

Of course not. We are happy to give over millions to this barbaric and in- humane society,which treats is most vulnerable beings,i;e the women in the most appalling way. Is this the mark of a civilised society like us to hand over the money without any questions asked?

The Co-Chairman of our ruling party Baroness Warsi, makes very frequent trips to that country,( and all on the tax payers expense)of course she would,it is the land of her father,but hey does she or is she tackling or highlighting the issue of this violence?

Of course not, Her last visit was featured in the Telegraph , under the heading of “Baroness of Punjab” by Peter Oborne. And it carried pictures of the lady, dressed in traditional dress,hands festooned with Henna tattoos, having a jolly good time. Good on you Ladyship, you obviously can live with patronising a country which treats women in this way, but a lot of us cant.

I have never seen any other party chairman swan off to another country, having a jolly time, heaven forbid ,if one can even imagine such a thing by the likes of Lord Tebbit! As a chairman he, and his predecessors had a lot to do in this country.

But if the party wants to occupy the Baroness otherwise, because she is a chairman for show,then perhaps she should be briefed to serve a useful purpose on these visits.

Or are these visits are just as cosmetic as the appointment of the Ladyship was, to please and get the vote of the Pakistani community?

We should be told.

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