Being in Eden!

I was away this weekend. I and a friend had decided to spend a weekend far from the maddening crowds!

We have been friends for a very long time ,since we started nursing, a long time ago. A lot has happened in our lives but we have remained friends through thick and thin. It is a blessing to have a friend with whom you can be yourself, you can tell them anything, you can share your inner most fears and desires without the fear that you will be judged.

So anyway we drove to the Lost gardens of Helligan ,near St; Austel in Cornwall on Saturday. It was a beautiful, crisp and clear winters day,the sun shone and the sky was a perfect blue. Helligan has all the varieties of rhododendrons, in late spring the place is ablaze with layer upon upon layer of that variety.

It is a bit early for those blooms but there were Camellias, in full bloom and in all colours.

This is the canopy of the Camellias and rhodedies in Helligan, they are waiting for the right moment to burst out in colour.
This is the Mediterranean dome. Which has all the plants of that region.

This is one of the Hibiscus, this must be a rare variety,as it is so very delicate and un usual. And this section had the most fantastic plants and fruit trees, complete with the bird song and the humidity!

and some bananas ripening!

And not only lemons ,but oranges, grapefruits and limes too.

There was so much beauty and peace and warmth that we forgot that we  are in midst of a British winter.

I would highly recommend it for a visit,and if you can do with someone who also enjoys such things then all the better.

I would love to hear if any of you have been there,and what are your impressions?

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