Bearing a grudge

Well do you?

Sometime it is hard to forgive and forget, and some people can not do it easily. My sister is one of them, she simply stops talking to me, or becomes quite indifferent,without telling me the reason and I find it hard to cope with it. I am on the other hand totally opposite, I can have my say and then just move on,it never bothers me, I can just move on and forget about it.

Am not sure if this is a good thing? My husband is one of those too who do not easily forget or forgive!

At times ,if someone says something nasty or I get upset about anything someone has said/written I moan and groan  and complain . But after a few days I have forgotten and if that person says something am quite happy to respond.

I think this more for my own benefit. If am angry with someone I tend to dwell on it,keep going over the scenario, but once that person engages with me , I am more than willing to let bygones be bygones.

I am not sure it is a virtue, it is just the way I am, some would say I am misguided and naive. Perhaps.

Some feuds go on for generations, in my family in India there are two generations who have been involved in a bitter dispute and court proceedings. Even in a place like MT ,people remain angry with each other for long time. Unless one forgets and forgives,anything said even in jest can be taken the wrong way.

Do you think so?

Or is it just right to sort out ones anger and keep having a dispute,until everything has been sorted. But can it?

So what is the right way?

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