“The Best Exotic”..

Marigold Hotel”; is the film we saw last night. An entertaining movie,if a bit mixed up. It felt as if the film makers were trying to put in all the problems and topics they can muster and then wait for us to ponder on them all!

It has an impressive cast,the best of the best British acting talent. Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy(I think am in love with him), Penelope Wilton, Celia Emery and Tom Wilkinson and Ronald Pickup.

This group of elderly talent are lured into leaving this green and pleasant land and are lured into spending their old age in India,by a alluring advertisement of a “best exotic hotel” and the sunshine and cheap cost of living. They all have something to run away from, like the recently widowed Judi Dench, the xenophobic Maggie Smith who wants to have a quick and cheap hip operation and a warring couple(Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton) who are looking to mend their fractured marriage.

It is very enjoyable and interesting to see them trying to adopt to this challenge of a very different life,though there were a lot else besides which was added to the “potp. Like the problem of Gay relationship, the oppression of young people by domineering parent, the povery and the caste system. And oh the etiquettes or the lack of them in the `call centres .

It distracted from the main point of the movie, the neglect and loss of identity of people once they have passed the retirement age,which was quite sad. It felt like apart from the grey and the wet this country made people of over sixty extremely low. And to bring us back to this theme and to cheer us up ,who are midst of a cold and grey weather , Dame Judi Dench read out little bits from her blog(yes she has just acquired a laptop and is blogging very successfully) ,and tried to raise our spirits.

Little gems like” it will be alright in the end,if it is not then it is not the end”! And a long final soliloquy about the rewards of old age, the way to think ahead(it is different not sad),and the parting loud and really cheering music.

Yes I felt that I did spend two very enjoyable hours taking in the colours and the chaos but still it was sad to think that we treat our elderly with such indifference and callousness, but do we?

Most of the retirees or soon to be retired people I know are interesting, happy ad active or am I just kidding myself in thinking this as I too am headed to that golden age rather rapidly?

I wonder if you feel that this country does treat its older people as badly?

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