visiting the Telegraph.

I have just got back from London, I was there for a couple of days. That city never ceases to delight,thrill and stimulate me. Every time I go there I come back feeling rejuvenated.

Yesterday we went for a long walk in Wimbledon common, (i was staying in Wimbledon with a friends), the sun shone, the blue bells and the crocuses laid in a vibrant carpet under the trees and all was well with the world. We sat on the terrace of a famous hotel and sipped coffee and nibbled Shortbread and watched the world go by.

In the evening I went to the green energy debate at the office of the daily Telegraph. I have been writing their energy blogs since last year and was invited to this event. I have attended a similar event in 2009, but then it was held in a hotel in Park Lane,this time though it was in the offices of this newspaper.

Though I was given the direction ,being a country bumpkin I passed the building twice before asking a policewoman, I could not see a big sign announcing its presence but the offices were there in their full glory. The debate was scheduled for 6.30, and though we had set out early, we arrived at Victoria at 6.15 but looking for the office took a while and we arrived at the office at around 6.25.

The security man however was not pleased to see us, “it is all over and finished”,he said waving us away.

Well, it is not quite 6.30 and I have been invited”,I pleaded. And a few others who were also being shooed away,nodded in agreement.

The security man though was not having any of it, and he was not for turning, he was rather bent on turning us away.

I luckily had the phone number of the organiser of the energy blogs and rang her and explained. Oh they said, someone will be down soon and will sort this out.

So we stood for another five minutes or so,while two ladies came and had a word in the ear of our security man. He was not amused,and just made a rather indifferent hand gesture to wave to us to go in.

Once in, the security list ticked off and we adorned with security passes proceeded, accompanied by two members of staff,who told us that as we were late,the debate has started and we will have to sneak in quietly through the back door. We sneaked in, Oliver Letwin  MP was in full flow, and the lecture theatre was full.

Though I wondered if the Telegraph has made reluctant staff members sit in to make the numbers,as the lady seated not far from me , most certainly should not have been there. She coughed, sneezing, coughing and blowing her nose constantly,the poor soul seemed pathetically unfit to be there. But she did last the whole hour! I hope she is feeling better!

After the debate we were led to the reception,and food and drink. The food was fabulous and drinks a plenty! Our glasses were constantly filled, and the wonderful, finger food , prawns, chicken, and various other preparations went down rather smoothly.

I met up with the other energy blogger, and the ladies with whom I have so far only corresponded. Charming people they turned out to be and we chatted like old friends. There were other people from the media, names I have heard of,and those who wanted to make a name for themselves. And then there wannabes like me!

Looking from the lecture theatre I could see a huge hall downstairs,with desks and computers and papers, and I looked in awe , i think that was where the action was, where all the work happened,and I could not help wondering if one or more desks there are the ones ,who control,and mange our community of My Telegraph!

Alas I could not ask anyone I could just imagine it to be!

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