Freak Show

I am not a great but I do watch television, and I must say there are some great shows on the telly, great nature programmes,great to watch in high definition, and some wonderful dramas, my favourite being Homeland at the moment on C4.

But I am sick and tired of programmes about bodies. C4 has something called “embarrassing bodies” proud to be fat”, and then there was a grotesque show called “super skinny versus super fat” or words to that effect. Made in America and with some really grotesque shots of very very fat people ,half naked and showing us in close up some really un pleasant shots of their bodies.

I think it amounts to voyeurism !

Oh and C5 has been showing a series about the obese too.

We all know that it is bad to be morbidly obese,apart from being injurious to health and looks it is a huge drain of health resources, the incidence of back injury has gone up many fold among the para medics and nurses in the last decade or so.

But is there anything to be gained by looking at these un fortunate people, tut- tutting and feeling  self righteous? I could understand if this was having any kind of effect on the numbers and people were trying to mend their ways.Not at all, there are various groups now who defend this and are on the radio /t.v. defending their rights.

This is  a freak show,where grossly and morbidly obese people are paraded on our screen to amuse us, like a circus. There has to be an audience for it for this many shows to be on air.

I do not watch them, but the trailers are gross and frequent and shown constantly.

So do you think these shows have a purpose or reason or are we watching a modern and sophisticated version of the freak show?

What do you watch and what  would you like to watch ?

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