Do any of you watch the two minute slot on Channel 4 t.v. called “4thought”?

They give public the chance to pick any topic and come on the screen and make their point. It has had some very interesting ideas/debates. From religion to sex trade and everything else in between. Some are really thought provoking and some are just hard to get your head round.This changes every week , and they allow both sides of the arguments to be aired.

At the moment they are talking about Saints. Yesterday this lady claimed that they are real and are “watching over us”.

I am not sure what is the belief or otherwise in the Western thinking,but I do know that in the East there are “saints” everywhere! All religions, have a little shrine/tomb  which is declared saintly,someone takes charge of it and people come and offer money/food and presents. They ask for their wishes to be fulfilled, some just meditate but most are looking for guidance and protection.

Then I would agree that there  are human beings who are the real saints. There are millions of selfless,kind and altruistic human beings around,who make a huge difference to a lot of us and demand or get anything in return. Without them this world will not be worth living. It is the good in man kind which is saintly.

Why should we look for  the mythical ones?

As this is an international site,I wonder what the beliefs and opinions are elsewhere, I would love it if you shared them.

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