Hot Blogs

Well I should address this question to those moderators who manage this site, but am not sure they will read it,let alone will respond to it!

What is a “hot blog”???

Usually it appears on the front page,and when you g to it,there is not a single comment on it,or sometimes there are a few,but nothing to suggest that it is “hot’ as in being read and commented widely.

So what is the criteria used to make a blog “hot’?

Is it that the mods would like us to pay attention to it because it is good but is lacking in the comments?

Is it because the topic needs to be discussed and widely read?  Or is it because it is the rare occasion that one of the one of the moderators has actually read a posting and they feel that the particular one merits a wider readership?

So which one is it?

There seems to be no system, or monitoring or involvement on this site by anyone,which is incredible for a newspaper of the Telegraph’s standing. Spam fills the front page regularly , if you look at the blogs pages, they are many faceless bloggers who are selling things!

So as no mods will take any notice of this blogs let us talk among ourselves!

What criteria will YOU apply to grant a blog the “hot” status?

Number of comments, content or the good writing? Anyone or all of those?

There are some really good things here too, we help each other out,there are bloggers here who know a lot about technology and how to manage this site and they give us the benefit of their knowledge.

This site is a mine of information on almost everything,from gardening to politics,gadgets and household hints, you ask the question and someone comes along with an answer.

There are blogs here on almost every subject,people who put hours of research into writing them,and all for free.

And oh the blog pages are working ,you can now go to all previous blogs.

Thank you MT, credit where it is due!

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