What are you wearing?

Twelve million men are at work this morning wearing something chosen for them by their wife or partner” reported the Telegraph, and to this another question was added by Judith Woods, “And who may I ask is dressing the other six million”!

Judith also goes on to say that it took her years ( eight to be precise) to persuade her husband to try on a dark stripped shirt!  I have seen the colour of mens shirt change to many different and dare I say bold hues in the last fifteen or so years. Otherwise you could only buy white, grey or rarely a pale blue shirt for a man. I know that my son still will not wear anything but white or occasionally the pale blue, though I see men dressed in quite bright colours now.

This must be the a very British trend. In other countries, including the whole of Europe men turn out in all colours. Perhaps it is the grey skies in this island of ours which stops us from picking colours. They might look too prominent and might make us stand out! Where as in countries with blue skies and very bright sunshine the colours blend in and the glare of the sun mutes the colours.

I too hate standing out from the crowd and hence I have never dressed differently ,I dress according to the country am in!

How about you, and come on Gentlemen tell us, how many of you have wardrobes chosen by your wives and girl friends ? It will be interesting to know if this is a recent trend or this has always been the case?

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