Dying for a Drink

The price of alcohol has been increased in the vain hope that it will stop people from drinking to excess.

In the last few weeks quite a few experts and news programmes have said that liver disease is on the increase in the country.Am not sure which came first,was this made public first as the government was going to announce the price hike or was it the news of liver disease which has forced the policy makers hand?

What puzzles me is why have we had this sudden culture of what is called “binge drinking”? Price of alcohol is certainly a factor,super markets sell it very cheap, and then there are those offers from clubs and bars,where people are encouraged to “drink all you can for a fiver’ sort of thing.

Another new phenomenon is that women are drinking to excess and in public. Saturday and Friday nights are a nightmare for the emergency services,and yes I have been in A&E departments on those nights and seen the wreck!

So will the price increase deter people from excess? Russia tried it and it was a disaster, people started brewing their own with disastrous consequences , not only did they blow up their houses but they also produced very poor quality of brew ,which increased the liver disease and deaths many folds.

I am not hopeful that this will have the desired effect, the price of cigarettes has been going up and up for sometime but it has not stopped the determined smoker. People who criticise drinkers, but smoke forget that tobacco is just as lethal, addictive and is a drug.

But then again the drinkers/smokers are harming their own bodies,do we,or the government has any right to tell them to stop?

I wonder ?

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