And now for a bit of fun…

Right,lately this site has been really too serious,angry and argumentative, so I thought we could do with lightning the mood a bit!

This idea is taken from the Telegraph(wot,were you expecting me to be this clever? Nah  not likely), so here is a series of questions, I have changed and modified a bit. These are asked every weekend to some celebrity or other.

As far as am concerned you are are celebrities,in your own right ;so here it goes.

1.Do  you like herbal tea or a stiff drink? (at any time of the day), mine is tea in the morning ,but prefer a drink in the evenings,but not every day.

2. Your favourite item of clothing?  Mine are my Gap jeans and a tee shirt and a baggy shirt on top of it.

3.Who is your inspiration?  Hmm that is a tricky one,I would say my father in most things. And a hospital nurse who looked after me when I had chicken pox,aged 14.

4.What are you reading at the moment?  I am reading Joanna Trollope on my Kindle ,and a book on India by Mark Tulley in paper back.

5. Your fall back recipe?  Mine is a baked chicken dish, taken from Delia’s book and modified according to my taste and convinience.

6.Most ridiculous thing you have read/heard/ about yourself?  I can not remember, not important enough for anyone to comment about me!

7. The best advice you have been given?  I remember something someone wrote on my little autograph book,when I was about 15: Life is fickle,froth and bubble,but two things stand like stone, kindness to others in trouble,and courage in you own”.A bit cheesy I know but it has stuck with me and try to live by it.

8.In another life,you would be…?  I would want to be a famous writer( well I can dream).

9. Your last supper..?   Mine will be on a terrace over looking a tropical garden, a Moroccan dish of slow cooked lamb,with aromatic rice,a bottle of Champagne ,and fresh fruit salad to follow.

So there you have it, let us hear yours now?

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