Doing God..

I have had religion on my mind for the last few days!

No I am not turning into anything before you ask!

It started when I was watching the programme “Crucification” on C4.  It began with a warning, :”this programme contains scenes of surgery,and body parts and reference to religion which some viewers may find offensive”! I nearly dropped my cup of herbal tea! This is a Christian country and why would people find it offensive? Why has the worlds oldest religion has become something people should apologise for?

Then this morning on the radio there was a report on one of the African countries.  The hospital was full of equipment which was just sitting there for the lack of skilled technicians, and the hospital doctor said that people would rather go to the priest and the Church for a cure,rather than come to the hospital. And then the Priest convincingly told the reporter that they raise the dead too! And no it was not an empty boast, obviously there at least three people walking around and are in the congregation who have been raised from the dead.

And then the “thought for the day” talked about religion and concluded that “those who do God ,do good”.

I accept that there is a lot of strife caused by various religions, but does it mean that we should completely deride anything to do with the reference to the Creator?

I grew up in the East, where there are various religions and caste systems, and they do cause fights, and discrimination and sometimes bloodshed too,but people still worship, fear the wrath of the Gods in whichever form and respect each others beliefs. Even if it is because they do not want the God of other people to get upset! Whatever the reason they co-exist, but they do.

So what is wrong with religion? Why has the West,and countries like this green land of ours is so against the reference to it? Does it offend you if someone praises their God,has a belief or goes to their temple, mosque,or church ?

I respect people’s beliefs, I also believe that people who fear that if you think that one day you will be accountable for what you do,it stops you from becoming evil,though I accept that your moral strength comes from within you,and does not necessarily from scriptures,but those who do not have that is it not a good thing their congregation can provide that?

So do you think those who do God do Good?

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