A marriage of cultures

I was at a wedding yesterday, the sun shone despite the dire forecast which has made us all keep umbrellas in our cars and the cold wind stopped for the bride and others to be outdoors in our finery.

This was not just a special wedding. My neighbour who is the local GP, his lovely daughter who has just qualified as a doctor herself was marrying someone who was at the university with her. The son of Hindu parents who have migrated to the UK some years ago.

I have seen the young bride grow up, theirs is a lovely family. Father a GP , mother a school governor ,an ex-teacher and an avid voluntary worker. Among her siblings she has a younger sister who is a doctor, and a brother who has just gone to university, reading aeronautical engineering.

The father has two brothers who are a commercial pilot and a Clergyman ,and a sister who is a T.V. producer.

A throughly respectable and a wonderfully caring family.They have lived and worked in Africa, and all three children have travelled the world in their gap years, and excelled at university. And as the father of the bride said in his speech,the bride’s great grand father has lived in India ,and he would have been so proud

They went to great length to make sure the menu was right, that non alcoholic drinks were served and both parties went out of their way to respect and value each others tradition and culture.

A Church wedding was followed by a Hindu ceremony ,with hand out explaining the various traditions .

A lot of the boys relatives have travelled from India just for the wedding,and the Church and then the reception venue in the deep Somerset countryside was ablaze with colour and glitter!

I agree that there is a lot wrong with forcing people to accept multi-culturism, and it should never be forced on anyone,but you cant help who you fall in love , and the freedom to marry the one you love,without worrying about colour, religion and culture has to be a very positive thing.

Just after the Church ceremony, families forming a guard of honour.

A colourful guard of honour for the couple!

The beautiful bride in her Indian ceremony.

Am sure you will join me in wishing them well for the future and agree that they make a wonderful couple.

So may be the meeting of cultures is not a bad a thing after all if it makes people understand and respect each others cultures?

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