Sticks and stones…

Byrony Gordon writes in todays Telegraph that women are more sensitive to criticism. Her observation is based of a couple of female television presenters ,who are upset because their looks have been made fun of.

She says that when women are criticised on their looks/figure or ability the protest the loudest. She goes on to say that if Theresa May was to be made fun of,as much as William Hague ‘s baldness is ,”there will be an utter uproar”.

Is this true? Are women that sensitive about their looks that they can not bear it if someone makes fun of their choices?

One thing is for certain that once you are in the public eye,whether you are a politician/writer/actress or model you have to accept that you are open to scrutiny.

The same perhaps goes for being on a blogging site,if you want to put your thoughts/ideas for others to read ,you can not expect that everyone will agree with you. Some might even hate it and will say so.

it doesn’t pay to be too sensitive about it. Cowards like me stay clear of controversy,but those who have the intellectual vigour do discuss them ,and if not for such people  blogsites like this will be very boring and bland if there was no controversy, anger and the odd fracas!

o going back to my original question, are we women very sensitive to harsh words? Are men just used to exchanging insults and then moving on?

Perhaps we are after all the gentle sex!

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