A day to remember

there are days in our lives which are etched on our memory, however long ago it might have been but when you think of that day, it feels like it was only yesterday. We all whiz through life, so busy living it,but not stopping and relishing the best parts of it, the days and times which have filled us with joy,and when remembered they still have the ability to fill our hearts with joy.

For me it was the birth of my children,especially my daughter I will never forget the moment I first set my eyes on her. I have had a Caesarian under general anaesthetic, I came round slowly, opening my heavy eyelids.

The consultant put a bundle wrapped in green theatre towel on my chest, “here is your daughter’,he said.

I opened my eyes with great effort and looked at this little face visible through the green towel. The little face just moved,and she opened her eyes. Dark and big, she just looked at me for a second or two,as if to assess if I was the one who was going to take care of her,squirmed and closed them again,as if resigned! And I was hooked. Enslaved and  simply besotted! Today she is a beautiful and talented professional woman,and I often think of the very first glance we shared.

My son who was my first baby was not brought to me for three days,that was an emergency Caesarian ,and they were trying to give me rest! If this would have happened today the hospital will be sued and psychologists will be analysing us for signs of bounding and such like!

He was wheeled in a plastic see through crib, lying on his tummy,fast asleep,dressed in a little pink little gown! I picked him up and we both looked at each other and promptly fell in love. We are very close,he too is a handsome and clever young man,a mathematician from Oxbridge. I sometime think if little me who is totally inept at maths ,could be his mother!>

o there are the most unforgettable days of my life, what are yours? Would you care to share them ?

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