Mend it not end it!

Sir Paul Coleridge,a high court judge started a public debate when he said that he was launching a campaign against divorce.

According to him the “Hello” ( the magazine not the greeting) has created an image of a frothy wedding he says,and if does not live up to its bubbly image then it is discarded. Celebrities said to discard their marriages like used tissues!

But is this true?

It goes without saying that the cost of a divorce is huge,not just in monetary terms,(it adds to the bank balance of the divorce lawyers), not to mention the agony for children who only want to live in a secure environment with both parents present.

The divorce rates have kept creeping up since the last decade and now it is said that there is no stigma attached to it. Even in religious cultures like in the sub-continent divorce is quite common. But has it been made more acceptable and fashionable by celerities like Madonna, Katie Price and others by having lavish marriages and then ending them preety swiftly.

Does this makes divorce more acceptable if it is done by celebrities who are in public eye?

The judge and some columnists like Christina Odone think so,I do not.

Divorces and marriages among the rich and the famous are not new. Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot and others have done this in the 1950s and the 60s.

I think what is different now is that we can, divorce is a lot easier than it was,so people do not have to live in a torturous relationship.

Marriage is not easy, you live with the same person for 24/7, both of you may be totally different in your temperament , you adjust and cope ,but there comes a time when you can not take any more. It is not easy constantly making compromises and sacrifices ,but now a days people living so much longer,perhaps it seems a very long road to keep going. The case was reported of the couple in Italy ,the husband is 99 and the wife is 97 years old. They are seeking divorce because the husband has found out that she had an affair in 1941! It cant be the only reason , am sure it was the last straw as they say.

Peter StringFellow, summed it up rather well on a radio debate, people fall in love with the wrong person, they find out after the first flush of passion is over ,and then it is only natural that they want to move on! He says he is now married rather happily and for the last time to a 30 year old,and has just celebrated his 72nd birthday!
I dare say it might be his last!

So what do you think,are we too hasty to end marriages these days? Is it necessarily a  bad thing? Or do you thing a marriage should be for life, and those who keep going do it for the fear of hurting others, especially children ? And a third time married lady said to me,”they all are the same’ you only change the model but the problems remain the same!

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