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Happy Birthday MT

Well it is now five years since My Telegraph was started in the first week of May 2007.

And it seems to be going from strength to strength, many a times it has been said to be on its last legs, people left in droves and then many joined too, those who were in charge of it moved on to different things and new moderators arrived, but the spirit of MT has remained strong.

Those who joined in the beginning are still here and going strong,some have moved on or started their own sites and groups and some have just left ,and have never looked back. No one was sure that this site with all its faults will go on for this long and this well.

I feel the secret is I think ,because we have come to know each others thinking/ way of writing and we have a basic knowledge of each others persuasion, and background. I am not sure there are many other sites which can boast such familiarity,and give and take. We make allowances for each other,and though at times debates get heated and sometimes personal insults are thrown around too, but then another day and we are ready again to listen to each other.

Some of the regulars like, Charles, Buubles, Rosie, Shermeen, Levent, Larry , Haymaker, DJohn, Mcbill, Quinx, Cheech, Badger,Tom, Croppe,Jamie M,and many more who write regularly and about all kind of subjects,which keeps this site readable and interesting.

And people like Cymbeline, who though does not write blogs but has a very analytical mind and is wise and knowledgeable and well read.

And of course those who are no longer with us, like Stefa, Tthe Bulletin and ExP,

you and your contributions will always remain a big pat of this Community.And then there are talented people like Marya, AntB, Aerial,Atiller,Bleda, and Charles and Tom who are proper masters of their craft.

And those who have abandoned us, Bodicea, Bearsy, Christina, Brendano, WW, Sarah B, Claire,PapaG, and many more, hope you do look in now and then. My apologies if I have missed out on names, I must have,there are so many who contribute to this site that it is hard to remember!

So let us raise a glass to this unique site, where we grumble, squabble and fall out, but then come back another day to debate  and interact.

Long may it last,and am sure you would not want it to change in any way or will you??

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