So long Clover

So our friendship of ten years ended rather abruptly yesterday.

Some would say that you were only a cat,but you know and I know that you were much more than that.

I remember when my daughter after she started medical school came home and said that we will get a cat “for you Mum!”

We went to look at this litter, and there among five ginger kittens, barely a week old,you were the only one who was black ,with longish fur and who staggeringly walked towards us. I picked you up and you just about fitted in the palm of my hand, bright yellow eyes and a distinguished look.

And then you came home with us,and were fed with a syringe, slept on a special pillow and grew up to be a handsome,long haired and sensitive tom.

Our large garden kept you busy, you were always napping in the sun and eyeing the birds menacingly,on the odd occasions you even brought in a live mouse, laid it on my feet and watched it with interest as it tried to get away. And then the shock when you developed the growth under your eye and we were told that it was skin cancer, it was operated on successfully and you were back to normal.

You knew the time I will sit down in the living room, around six PM , with my cup of tea to watch the news,and you will appear from nowhere and demand your place on my lap. I often joked that you had an alarm clock in your tummy!

And time passed. You made friends with the additions to the family, eyeing the new son and daughter in laws and their off spring and testing out their laps.

But I have no idea what happened ,since last summer you simply will not leave my side. Where I went you followed, insisted on sleeping over me in the night. Shifting from my shoulder to my legs. Every time I turned and tried to push you off, you will jump straight back on, the day I shut the bedroom door, you sat outside it throughout the night and meowed.

You have got so clingy that I joked that you need to see a cat psychiatrist, and the day before we took you to the vet to have a check up. He said he wants to examine you under  anaesthetic  the next day. Yu had your last meal on tuesday night, slept with me as usual and were very relaxed so I stayed in bed a bit longer . And then it was time for you to go the vet.

And then the phone call from them to say that you have a tumour which can not be operated on, and the only thing was to put you to sleep. We have to give the consent, as we did not want you to suffer.

The only thing is it was so sudden, and shocking,I never knew you were that ill, and came to me for comfort. I hope I was able to provide you with some.

So long my friend, I will miss you,I keep expecting you to jump up on my lap or on my bed.

Hope you are pain free and at peace.

I wanted to post a picture of him but the media uploader keeps showing error.

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