The Golden 70s?

Have you been watching that excellent series called “1970s” on BBC2?

It is a brilliant documentary on the decade, taking into account the cultural,political and social trends and happenings. And it is a delightful trip down the memory lane for me.

It was a golden decade for me! firstly because I was young and may be pretty(sigh), secondly I have just arrived in the UK(March 1970) and it is so exciting to explore and learn about your new home and get to know the natives. We were relatively poor,my husband’s salary as a junior doctor was something like £150 a month and mine as a student nurse around £70! The hours were long, we had no car, and could not afford a great deal but we were happy.

I could do my weekly shop for £5.

Watching the episode yesterday,I saw the emergence of Mrs Thatcher,as the future iron lady, blonde and beautiful but but a steely edge to her voice and her manner. I watched a young and constantly smiling Callaghan and the emerging  and destructive power of the unions. The demise of Ford and then British Leyland and the piles of rubbish and the rationed electricity when the strike of miners, tanker drivers and other public workers.

I remember I was on night duty, the hospital mortuary was not that big, and as it was full, as the undertakers were not collecting, we had to leave the deceased on their beds with curtains drawn.  Ghastly and very distressing for the relatives.

There were some good times too, the bell bottoms, mary Quant, the Bob and the freedom!

I wonder if the past is always a golden age or was the  1970s were a golden age?

If we  were to recall everything about this decade will we remember it with as much affection? Am not sure. I have lost both my parents in this decade and a few pets, have had moments of great joy ,and some of great anguish too.

That is life as they might say.

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