Will we ever learn?

As the Telegraph reported today that the NHS is due to have an event to celebrate “trans gender staff”. There are going to be various seminars,some 170 managers will be sent on an “awareness ” week and there will be an exhibition of photographs to celebrate the “lives of trans gender patients and staff’, and there is going to be a “awareness raising timeline”(What???) to commemorate the lives of “homosexual and trans gender ” patients and staff.

Now I have no problem with anyone’s sexual orientation or preference, what people do in their bedrooms, is entirely their business. And am sure they too want to be left alone and to get on with their lives.

So why does a NHS trust/ local authority or any other department want to have awareness and celebration for?

This happened with multi culturism ,nothing annoyed me (an immigrant)more than being patronised and telling others as to how they should treaty me, because poor me was from another country .

I am an adult, the people around me are grown up too,they can see who or what I am ,they do not need lectures to tell them how they should treat another person.

In my opinion the same effort and energy should have been spent on teaching the new comers, how to behave in their adopted land. They should have been made to learn English, to get to know the locals and not shut themselves away, expecting the host country to run around, translate everything, make special provisions and expect everyone else to make allowances.

Then we might not have been in this mess, there would not have been a whole generation of people who have never learnt anything about the country they have lived in,including the language, ghettos and segregation, would not have thrived and the country would not have been divided.

Now here we are again,doing something similar to another minority group, I can not understand what is achieved and who benefits from these ‘awareness” weeks?

I may be wrong ,but I feel this is a waste of money  and effort .

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