Are we a tolerant country?

A report asks this question today .

We could say that  we are, we allow freedom of worship,we allow people of other faiths to build their places of worship,and we have laws against discrimination .

Still last year 88,000 racist and homophobic incidents were recorded .

What does that tell us? The discrimination was not only against the ethnic minorities but against Jews, homosexuals too.

We are the only country where there are laws against discriminating, but we have become intolerant of certain things too.

We do not allow certain Christian symbols, we have or in process of banning smoking in all public places. There are those who enjoy a smoke and for them an evening out is not the same if they can not enjoy a smoke with a drink,but pubs now have to ban it ,it is not left to the discretion of the publican

We allow people to wear their religious dress and provide concessions for them to observe their rituals and we on the whole respect each other as human beings. People who wants to other ways of  living  like trans gender or homosexuals are free to live their lives  and on the whole are free to live the way they want to.

There are countries in the world who do not tolerate such practices and some of them even have death penalty for such practices. Countries like India and Pakistan, Iran , treat their minorities appallingly. And yet they are not labelled as intolerant.  But is this the laws and restrictions which has increased the animosity ?

And how about tolerance being one sided? Does too much legislation  has created resentment?

What do you call racism? Is it talking about the problems or is it calling people names or is it just disliking people who look and behave differently to you which makes you cross,and you feel that you should be able to express your dislike,without being labelled your self?

And of course not forgetting that Asians are  very racist too, towards their own kind if they come from another religions or caste,and of course towards White Europeans and Jews.  We do not hear many White people complaining as white people can not understand the language.

I wonder.

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