Feet of Clay

I came across a very interesting discussion the other day on the television.

Yes they do have them from time to time!

Talking about freedom of speech and “saying it as it is”; someone said that such practices leave us with no one we can idolise or hold in high regard,  figures like Mandela, Luther King, Gandhi, or the late kings and queens ,they all must have had faults and weaknesses, and if we look for them and publicise them we have no respect for them. Religious figures once revered  are also now butt of jokes and derision.

Well  at least the leaders are human after all ,and probably are as full of errors as most of us ordinary folks then why should they be sat on a pedestal you may ask?

How about concentrating on what they have achieved rather than what they did in their personal lives? And am not talking about embezzlment of public money or fraud, but other personal stuff.

This seems to be the problem these days, we or rather the press looks for the personal traits,lives and idiosyncraties of a person,whoever he/she may be,a leader ,actor or author. And of course we will never find anyone who is faultless and perfect if they are human. Do we have a right to expose those traits and thus diminish the achievements of a lifetime?

The dead used to be forgiven and remembered only for their good but now there are many books which are published after their demise and they expose the darker side of their character, wiping  out the achievements of a lifetime, and leaving us with the memory of their misdeeds.

The way I see it there is another big problem, we have no role model, no one we can idolise or look up to,especially the young.No wonder they all want to be like the t.v.stars, at least if nothing else it guarantees them wealth and recognition. No one else from the PM onwards seems faultless or worth emulating, at least the stars ,look faultless even though it is due to the curtesy of air brushing!

So do you feel that we have too much of freedom of speech? Are we not becoming disillusioned because we think there is nothing or no one we can admire?

So what is to be done? On one hand we want freedom to say what we want , on the other hand it leave a void that there is no one to look up to. Religion seems to have gone the same way, we need not follow a faith, any faith but do we have the right to constantly deride those who have one?

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