Moral Decline?

I was going to write a blog about this yesterday, The Telegraph carried a seductive photo of Kim Kardishan (yes me too,no idea who she was), it was reporting on the speech given by a head mistress, of a girls boarding school in Wiltshire.

According to the lady the picture of the voluptuous  model was “A model of what is wrong in our society”. Here she is, come on gentlemen of MT you can’t say I don’t look after you)!

But is this the case though? Alison Pearson writing in todays DT asks this very same question. Women, or rather their bodies haver always  been used to add glamour to advertising in every country. I agree that the internet and the shows like Big Brother makes “celebs” of anyone and every one. But blaming this for every evil is a bit far fetched me thinks even for the head mistress of a posh school.

How about accepting that we have become openly intolerant of a lot of trends,and of course the internet gives us the opportunity to vent our spleen. Today there are more women in high flying jobs,politics and business  than there ever were, the opportunities are there and they make use of them. I feel that it is easier now for all of us to take a negative view of the world,to condemn everything as evil and corrupting,where as in reality there is as much good out there, which goes un reported.

S you think we all protest too much or the world has really become a very immoral place?

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