Our rules.

Last night there was a very interesting discussion on the BBC’s Newsnight.

School girls from Bristol ( there is a large Somali community in the city) have made a film about female genital mutilation or FGM as it is called.

Among the guest there was a French lawyer,who has helped to prosecute a Somali woman in France who was carrying out this practice. Neighbours had complained , when they got fed up of hearing loud screams from her apartment.

The funny thing was that the lawyer and the woman ( after serving her sentence) have become very good friend and they both are campaigning against this horrid practice.

The French lawyer claimed that Somalis from across the Europe were coming to the UK,because it is “easier to have the procedure here”.

The reason was given by the French that when immigrants came to their country,they were expected to comply with their rules, learn the language and follow the trends. Extreme practices like wearing the Burqua and congregating in one area was not allowed.

And when the girls from the Somali communities are taken on “holidays” the parents are warned against this practice and in some cases the girls are subject to medical examination. And if needed action taken against parents.

One of our minister(I forget her name) who also was on the panel, said that we could not do something like this here,this will be racial profiling and a breach of their human rights.

Part of me as an immigrant feels very proud of this country that we are so civilised and humane,the other half of me feels that we are being idiotically soft and ineffective and all such manners.

And this attitude has has somehow led to racial tensions and disharmony,the very thing the politicians were trying hard to avoid



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