The Ahmed Family,

Unfortunately that is my surname by marriage too,today it is all over the media and every bulletin is talking about the horrific deeds this couple who share this name.have committed.

I was writing about it in 2006, here is a link to what I wrote then.

After another beautiful girl was murdered by her parents,because she fell in love with some one who was not of their choosing.

Six years on and another horrific murder,and another Pakistani couple have been found guilty of murdering their own daughter.

I also know the lady who runs a refuge in Derby for women fleeing violence and she gets at least 10-12 women a day who are trying to escape their parents who want to marry them off to someone,the girls have never seen, they are taken to Pakistan/Bangladesh kicking and screaming,sometimes even drugged,aided and abated by the their community.

I remember as recent as 2008, the police and and the authorities were not willing to take this seriously,brushing it aside as “cultural practices and family affairs”. But I do not wish to blame the police too much,their hands are tied,but my gripe is with the Asians living in this country.

Do they consider this civilised behaviour? If they don’t then why is there is no outrage from that community? When I used to write those columns i have had loads of hate mail,I was accused of having sold “my soul”,and have been called some choice names.

I hope this is a wake up call for the Asian community, I hope they will stop pretending to be victims, blaming everyone of being a racist, and start speaking up and condemning such practices.

I hope all those who have this surname are feeling as ashamed and depressed as Iam.



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