Am a bit emotional and tearful today.

You may ask why ,after I have had such a pleasant birthday yesterday,with my children coming over and my friends and neighbours fussingover me,I should be over the moon.

I am.

What  is making e tearful is the events taking place in one of my friends life.

You see I know someone, he is of Indian origin, has been married to a British woman,who also is a doctor,and they have three children. He has always been someone who has never really thought of the UK as his home, despite being married to a White British woman and fathering three children with her. It was always his boast that India (he is a Hindu), that all things Indian were better! WE have always argued about this.

And then some five years ago,his wife, taking their three children and the rest of the savings simply disappeared.

He was distraught. He tried very hard and with the help of a private detective, he managed to find them. He obtained a court order to get visiting rights for his children. And he has been since seeing them every month,supporting them financially and putting them through university  etc;.

His paranoia for the British and their way of life deepened,I used to have some very long and arduous discussion about the nationalities. Suffice to say that I supported him emotionally throughout this period by making sure he was fed and had someone to talk to, as he was not a well man. He had extensive kidney damage,his vision was affected due to this condition,and though he was a good surgeon,he was not allowed to operate,and that gave him a lot of grief.

His health was on an downhill spiral, and then a break through.

His secretory, a married woman, a White British woman offered to donate her kidney,for no other reason but simply because she wanted to end his  suffering.

His arguments with me about the Indians being more humane and better people suddenly stopped.

All the test were fine, she is a perfect match,despite being a caucasian,a different race, culture and religion.

So the transplant is going ahead next week. I have been having him round for lunch every Sunday,since his wife and children left him so he has just been and taken an emotional leave,as he is off to Bristol for the operation.

Am just overwhelmed,by the generosity of that lady, who wanted nothing more than to end the suffering of a fellow human being.

This goes to show that we have the same human make up,despite being a different colour/race and nationality. We belong to the human race.

It is a pity that we don’t often recognise or appreciate it.


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